A Place to Call Your Own (2019)

Crafts artist Juna Skenderi contemplates the immigrant experience and the meaning of home.

El Pana Gringo (2016)

A Venezuelan American musician attempts to fix a broken 'cuatro,' the instrument that defines his cultural identity.

Sacred Minds (2014)

A truth seeking psychologist struggles to analyze the fragile mind of his most important patient.

Tosa Boy (2012)

Jason Tyler competes in a bloody underground sport where kids fight for their lives. It's called Tosa, and at fourteen he's top dog.

Roamer (2011)

A deadly disease stalks what remains of the human race. A serum exists that keeps the virus dormant, but a lack of its quantity has pit survivors against each other. 

Infinity (2010)

A scientist inadvertently creates a time paradox upon seeing himself murdered in the future.